Women of Ideas

“Women of Ideas Tracing ‘Othering’ Footprints”
by Dr. Sonja Strode (published 2019)

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Research produced by pioneering feminists in the 1950–1980s in France, UK and US cast new light on women’s subordination. It inspired a new global social movement: the women’s movement.

In “Women of Ideas Tracing ‘Othering’ Footprints” (2019) Dr. Sonja Strode pays tribute to such women’s inspirational ideas and activism. She also reveals their current relevance.

Shown, too, is their influence on her own gender research of the UK labour market in the 1980s and on her later research. Included in this new book is some of her ethnographic sociological research in the UK in the 1990s of a group of young women who had never lived with the fathers of their children.

Evidence and conclusions presented by her raise important questions about the non–homogeneity of ‘women’, social mobility, exclusion, the labour market, and social and cultural spaces in the 21st century.

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Women of Ideas
Doctor Sonja Strode
Publisher: tuesdaybooks.co.uk

ISBN: 978–2–9540755–7–0
Paperback: £12.99

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