The Chocolate Room Sisters

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Peppered with an absorbing, pacy mix of humour and psychological drama, centred largely on themes of loss, disappearance, fear and sibling rivalry, the narrative of “The Chocolate Room Sisters” emerges from the working life and tension–filled incidents linked to some central characters based in a predominantly female populated factory located in London in the late 1960s.

Kathryn Davies is a young law student who, unexpectedly, finds that her summer vacation temporary employment in that factory involves far more than packing biscuits. Meanwhile, her flat mate – a medical student – has made friends with a young female detective inspector intent on trying to solve several cases of disappearance, attacks, harassment and even murder of women.

Simultaneously, the novel casts a spotlight on some of the circulating stereotypes, misogyny, sexism, cultural and social changes, constraints and hardships encountered by some people in the 1960s.

This work of fiction is the third novel in a trilogy written by Dr. Sonja Strode, the other two being “The Hat Maker” (pub. 2017) and “The Wimberry Greenhouse” (pub. 2020).

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The Chocolate Room Sisters
Doctor Sonja Strode
Date of publication: 2022
Publisher: tuesdaybooks.co.uk

ISBN: 978–2–9540755–9–4
Paperback: £9.99

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