The Wimberry Greenhouse

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Set in modern times “The Wimberry Greenhouse” is a gripping sequel to Dr. Sonja Strode’s novel “The Hat Maker”. Lively humorous dialogues, mystery, pathos and some heart–wrenching social issues — underscoring the voices of the author’s main and subsidiary characters — thread through the lived spaces of some of the Welsh women in this narrative.

Although from different class backgrounds, four of the main characters were all born in the same small coal–mining community in South Wales, UK. They become a fashion designer, barrister, GP and accountant. Parts of their different life trajectories and experiences in Wales, London and Paris are also put under the author’s microscope, along with their enduring friendship. The discovery of an old photo links them and other memorable characters in intriguing and unexpected ways...

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The Wimberry Greenhouse
Doctor Sonja Strode
Publisher: tuesdaybooks.co.uk

ISBN: 978–2–9540755–8–7
Paperback: £8.99

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